“Well, how far exactly is the Medina from Marrakech airport? Did I need a Marrakech airport transfer ?” Aksel’s brother, Mark, asks.

The road from Marrakech to Merzouga is roughly 370 miles (600kms) And 225 miles (360kms) from Zagora near the Erg Chigaga dunes. 

If you’re travelling to Merzouga from Fes, you’re going to drive for 290 miles (470kms) and 415 miles (670kms) from Fes to Zagora. 

Approximately 8-12 hours of driving is needed to reach the desert from either Marrakech or Fes. The journey is well worth it as you’ll be passing through amazing roads and you will have the chance to gaze in wonderous mountains along the way. Marrakech Desert Tours 2 Days is full of surprises and pit-stops along the way, so getting bored is a long shot. 

“What’s the optimal number of nights to spend in the Sahara Desert?” Asks Sarah from Spain.

Once again, Sarah, it depends on how much time you have. But, to answer your question, 2-3 days in the desert is enough for you to experience all of its surroundings and amazing features. 

It is recommended to spend more than one night in the Sahara desert, as with Marrakech Desert Tours 2 Days, you will be able to visit all nearby tribes, as well as enjoy memorable treks through the Sahara’s golden sands. 

“What do I need to pack when I’m visiting the desert?” Great question! Thomas from Switzerland.

There are some essential items that you need to pack when you’re planning to visit the Sahara desert. These include;

  • Comfortable jeans or pants to protect you from the camels’ rough fur when trekking.
  • Sunscreen to protect you from… well, the sun.
  • A headscarf or hat.
  • Chapstick.
  • A windbreaker or light jacket to protect you from cooler nights.
  • A flashlight to use on your endeavours at night.
  • A camera to capture memorable moments.
  • A camera brush to sweep off tiny sand particles that might get into your camera.
  • Medication.

These are personal items that we wouldn’t be able to provide. Items such as blankets, pillows, and water… will be provided by us.

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